Duplicate Dentures

April 12, 2014 4:27 am
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Yes, it is true. If you have an existing denture(s) that you like and are comfortable with, a few hours is all it takes to make a clone mold to duplicate your denture(s).

In most cases, you will get your original denture(s) back within hours and a completed clone in three to five days.


1. The cost is about 75% less than new denture(s) ($200.00 per denture upper or lower).

2. It is NOT necessary to make an appointment with a dentist or undergo uncomfortable impressions of your mouth.

3. A duplicate denture can be a true lifesaver when something like breakage or loss happens to your original denture. You can easily avoid the embarrassment of having to go out in public without dentures by having a spare or clone denture. Ask any of our lab technicians or dentists how many lost or damaged dentures they encounter daily. You’d be surprised what can happen to your dentures… from dogs chewing on your dentures after enjoying a tasty meal, vacationing denture-wearers having their dentures washed out to sea by a large wave, or careless hospital personnel or caregivers accidentally tossing them in the trash, or even misplacing them. Trust us when we say we have heard them all! We highly recommend you have a spare set of dentures made in case of an emergency. It’s like getting a flat tire and you realize you don’t have a spare tire in the trunk of your car!

4. A clone denture is an exact duplicate, sometimes referred to as an embarrassment denture. The teeth and pink denture base are made of all-new materials. The unique part is that our clone dentures are made ready-to-wear. It will feel just like your original. The fit and bite of your duplicate denture rarely needs to be adjusted. You do not need to “break in” your duplicate denture. This is convenient for elderly patients that do not wish to go through the hassle of attending several visits to the dentist.

A friendly reminder…The ADA (American Dental Association) and most dental insurances companies recommend your denture be replaced every five years. Almost every insurance company will pay for a new denture every five years.



1. It is an EXACT duplicate of your existing denture and we use new, high-impact, break-resistant denture base material (pink gum material).

2. The teeth will be EXACTLY the same shape and size of your original denture. The shade of the teeth can be made lighter or darker upon request. In addition, you can add GOLD teeth to your denture.

3. The best candidates are new dentures immediately after they have been fitted and all adjustments have been made because there is no tooth wear, but any denture, new or old, can be cloned.

4. Denture cloning is only suggested for well-fitting, comfortable dentures – the only reason being the duplicate is an exact copy of the original denture.

5. Any necessary repairs to your existing denture, including breakage, missing teeth, holes, and thin areas can and must be repaired before the clone mold is made.

6. Clones are an excellent alternative for elderly, home-bound patients who may have difficulty getting to a dental office.

7. A clone denture eliminates the “breaking in” phase of a new denture.

8. An ideal time for a clone to be made is when your denture needs repair due to a loose tooth or fracture. Your denture will need to go to a dental lab for repair. A clone mold can easily be made at this time.

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