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Denture Clone - Duplicate Denture - Spare Denture.

1. It will be an EXACT duplicate of your existing denture and we use new, high impact, break- resistant, denture base material (pink gum material).
2. The teeth will be EXACTLY the same shape and size of your original denture. The shade of the teeth can be made lighter or darker upon request. In addition, we now offer the option to add GOLD teeth to your denture. (Bright white teeth are available upon request (for an additional charge.)
3. The best candidates are new dentures immediately after they have been fitted and all adjustments have been made because there is no tooth wear, but any denture, new or old, can be cloned.
4. Denture cloning is only suggested for well-fitting, comfortable dentures - the only reason being the duplicate is an exact copy of the original denture.
5. Any necessary repairs to your existing denture, including breakage, missing teeth, holes, thin areas, can and must be repaired before the clone mold is made.
6. Clones are an excellent alternative for elderly, home-bound patients who may have difficulty getting to a dental office.
7. A clone denture eliminates the "breaking in" phase of a new denture.
8. An ideal time for a clone to be made is when your denture needs repair due to a loose tooth or fracture. Your denture will need to go to a dental lab for repair. A clone mold can easily be made at this time.

Economy Duplicate Denture.

Our economy duplicate dentures are made from generic self cure denture acrylic. Tooth shades are limited to basic colors and may vary from original tooth color wear and break resistance is not as good as our premium denture. We are providing them, however we recommend our premium quality dentures.

Premium Duplicate Denture.

Our premium quality duplicate denture is made from the highest quality heat and pressure cured dental acrylic with wear resistant polymer plastic teeth in a verify of natural looking tooth shades. You will not find better quality duplicates anywhere else.
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Our Denture Repair Center is happy to provide both denture repair and denture duplication!

We want to ensure that you are 100% comfortable sending us your broken denture or denture you would like us to copy. Please feel free to give us a call Toll Free if you have any questions or concerns.
Save $10.00 when you have a duplicate made during a denture repair!

Duplicate dentures step by step.

1. Use walk-in service or mail your denture from the nearest post office. For out of state customers: to speed up this process you can choose overnight delivery. You should receive your dentures back in 24 hours from the moment we receive it if you use overnight delivery option.
2. Locally try to deliver denture before noon. We will make a duplicate as you wait.

Duplicate Dentures.

Dentures Duplication - Cloning.
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