Denture Repair.

April 11, 2014 10:48 pm
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Our dental lab is providing: denture repair , denture reline and duplicate dentures.

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Denture Repair US is happy to provide denture repair , denture reline and duplication services to everyone from United States and Canada.

We want to ensure that you are 100% comfortable sending us your broken denture or denture you would like us to copy. Please feel free to give us a call Toll Free at if you have any questions or concerns.

Important Facts About Our Services.

1.We are the biggest provider of dental lab services in United States

2. In business for over 25 years.

3. Experienced staff including Dental Technicians and Dentists repairing, making and duplicating (cloning) dentures.

4. Lowest prices guaranteed! Show us a lower advertised price and we will match or beat it. We have no hidden fees. You can see our form here: denture repair form.


5. All work is done ON SITE, not sent to a middle man.

6. We use only ADA (American Dental Association) approved & registered materials

7. We remove poisonous glues and materials before we repair your denture so you can be sure your denture is safe to wear when you get it back from us.

8. Our work is FULLY guaranteed and extended warranties are available, because we are confident about the quality of our work.

9. We evaluate every denture and give you a written report of the condition & recommendations of your denture.

10. We are licensed by both the Health Department and the State Professional Licensing Board.

11. You can walk in or mail in you denture. We  are open 6 days a week. You can call us directly with any questions Sunday through Friday, 9am-5pm EST.

12. Send or call to find out for yourself.

13. Duplicate, copy, or clone dentures are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or you can return it for a full refund.


You can use any shipping method you like including FedEx, UPS, (United Parcel Service), USPS (US Mail) to get your dentures fixed or duplicated.

Your denture can be picked up by most of the shippers by simply calling them or taking it directly to them (fastest method is to take it directly to them). They will upon request provide you with FREE safe shipping & packaging or containers.

If you are in a hurry use overnight service and request delivery before 12 noon so you can be assured your denture will be repaired and mailed back to you on the SAME DAY.

If you would like us to provide you with a shipping container and or pre-addressed packaging, please contact us by calling 1888-252-4778

Use our links (right side of this blog) to select your state and find Fedex, UP or USPS location near your home.

Shipment Providers Websites – Find location near you.
As we continue to add more content to the blog please visit us on our website at: if you are in need of denture repair or denture duplication.

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