Our Denture Repair Center has no hidden fees. On other websites you should check shipment pricing options and make sure their repair service is done ON SITE the same day AND MAILED BACK TO YOU ON THE SAME DAY AS WE DO !
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Duplicate dentures $199 with any denture repair. 
Denture repair starting at $39. 
To help you navigate this page. Every icon is representing different shippers. Please click on any of them and you will be redirected to designated website where you can type your address and see all drop off locations close to your home. No dentures has ever been damaged by us or our shippers. You should feel comfortable sending your denture to us.
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1.You can walk in or mail in you denture.

2. In business for over 25 years.

3. We have experienced staff including dental technicians and Dentists with over 25 years of repairing, making and duplicating dentures.

4. Lowest prices on repairs are guaranteed! Show us a lower advertised price and we will match or beat it.

5. All repairs and duplication is done on site.

6. We use only ADA (American Dental Association) approved & registered materials.

7. All poisonous glues and materials are removed by our technician before we repair your denture. We assure you, your denture is safe to wear when you get it back from us after repair.
Our customers testimonials:

I broke my denture Sunday evening.....
I found this great denture website on the internet that focused on my concerns and was easy to understand. Early Monday morning I called Urgent Denture Repair and sent my dentures in right away. I don't like mailing all the way to Pittsburgh from Carnation, WA, but I felt confident in talking to them and what they stated on their website. My denture was repaired and shipped out the same day. They did a quality job, at a low price and all with concern for me, the patient. The mailing to Pittsburgh was beyond being worth it.
Carnation, WA

Marvelous Work
I love my new beautiful smile, thanks to your marvelous work!! My dentures are so comfortable, and they fit just like a glove! I can't tell you what a freedom that is.
Thank you so much!!
DP, Dallas TX

Tina Cassidy, Case Manager
Your welcoming staff has helped our senior community with our denture needs. You are truly our heroes and we are very grateful for that!
Goodwill Plaza, Pittsburgh, PA

I went to this dentist for a little over four years and I always was treated great here. The Dentists are all very good and with exception to one experience I had, they are all very attentive to their patients needs. The woman who worked at the front desk was always very friendly and worked with me when I had to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Although I am not a huge fan of the dentist I never worried much about going here to get work done. They also always gave me great free samples to try and referred me to a great Pediatrician. I would recommend this place without any delay.
Nancy B.

Found the service on Yahoo. Was a bit doubtful when I called and inquired about the service. Geez, was I mistaking. Made me feel secure everything would be fine and it was. Sent in my father partial denture for repair on Tuesday afternoon, the 29th of December from Nevada and we got it back on Thursday, December 31st, New Year's Eve. Dad was satisfied, so that made me satisfied! It is wonderful that there is a service like this!
Katty J.

I was seen at this office a number of times. I had a dentist I went to for years and years but he retired. I found this office was close to where I live. My dentist always took his time and explained everything. I never felt nervous after the first appointment. Prices were really competitive.
Berry W.

So very glad I found them online. Great service and very friendly to me on the phone. I would recommend the repair and duplicate service to anyone!
Thank you Urgent Denture Repair.
Mark H.
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