Denture soaks and cleaning solutions. - Commercial and homemade.

A precaution about commercial denture cleaning products.

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Chemical cleansing and disinfecting is the second half of effective denture care. Due to the microscopic porosity of the surface of denture plastic, brushing, even in combination with the use of ultrasonic cleaning units, can only go so far in removing the micro-organisms (bacteria and fungal) that are harbored on false teeth. Chemical cleansing and disinfecting is required.
After brushing, your denture needs to be soaked in a cleaning solution.
   No doubt you have seen advertisements for several different brands of effervescent denture cleaners. These products certainly can be a good choice but there are some common household compounds that can be effective denture cleaners too.
In February 2008 it was reported that the FDA has received information about 73 incidences of allergic reactions to denture cleansers. One of these cases resulted in a death. It has been speculated that the denture cleaner ingredient "persulfate" is the culprit compound. Persulfate is found in most commercial products and serves as a cleaning and bleaching agent.
It is important to understand that all denture-cleaning products are intended for use in a container only. And upon removal from this container all residual traces of the cleaner should be thoroughly rinsed off before a person's false teeth are placed back into their mouth. Denture cleaners are not designed to be chewed, swallowed or gargled.

Some of the reported incidences did involve misuse (gargling or swallowing) of the cleaners. It is possible, however, that an allergic reaction episode could occur even with the proper use of a denture-cleaning product. Even after years of use with no incidence.
Effervescent denture cleansers.

     Effervescent denture cleaning products can be an effective way to chemically cleanse and disinfect your false teeth. While the specific ingredients found in the formulation each different brand's product will vary, you will typically find the following types of compounds in them.

Oxidizing (bleaching) agents

    Alkaline perborate, sodium perborate or postassium monopersulfate. These compounds remove staining and kill the bacteria harbored on a denture's surface.
Effervescing agents

    Perborate, carbonate or citric acid. Effervescing agents provide for the rapid disintegration of the product and also create a mechanical cleansing action.

Chelating agents

EDTA. This type of compound helps to remove the tartar that has accumulated on a denture surface.

Detergents and enzymes

   Sodium polyphosphate, everlace. These compounds assist in cleansing the denture.

Additional compounds

    Dye markers that provides a color change when the cleansing process has been completed. Flavorings and fragrances.

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