Denture repair and reline kits. What you should know.

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Duplicate dentures $199 with any denture repair. 
Denture repair starting at $39.
Denture repair kits are also known as "Quick Fix" kits. In this article I will try to stay away from my personal opinions regarding kits quality and endurance of the repair. Many websites have many different kits for sale. I have no doubt you will find pros and cons if you search feedbacks at providers websites or internet stores.

We all know dentures are not cheap. We are expecting long time lasting. Some of us will be happy for a long time and in other cases for many reasons your denture may not fit so good even after few years.

So it brakes. First you need to know why or how your denture broke. Did you drop it, step on it, or did it happen while you were eating? Is it your oral complications that caused your dentures to break in the first place? Most of people do not consider having duplicate dentures made until their denture brakes for the first time. What to do when you had no plan?

Most of us are so engaged with work and daily routines we do not simply have time to visit dentist or dental lab for immediate repair. In other cases cheap solution seams to be the best solution. 

Dentures breaks in many different ways. They are very fragile. You can just drop it. It may brake when you are eating or maybe your pet was found guilty of chewing on it. Regardless of what happened whole damage may not be visible.

Denture repair kits.
The FDA approves the sale of a Denture Repair Kits, but this is only a temporary solution. Kits can be purchased over the counter in most pharmacy stores. Prices of those kits are in between $4 and $40.

Teeth repair is one of the simplest ways to fix your denture. If you were able to save the tooth you are really lucky. In this case you do not really have to worry about colors when you decide to purchase repair kit. Do not use any kind of regular glue on it. It is not risk free. Super glue contains Cyanoacrylate. Every container with Cyanoacrylate states clearly: "Not suppose to be used in the mouth". You should also be aware that dental laboratory may find repairing this denture problematic if you have applied super glue on it. This is why: glue dissolves in saliva and won't last long. It will also blur the edges of the fracture. This denture repair will at the end result in additional cost to you.
If you have lost the tooth there are few things to know. Kits comes in many different forms. Different companies may provide different sizes of teeth and may be much different when it comes to shade (color). I would not recommend buying it online unless you have already purchased it before and you know the shade you need. Try to compare the colors and sizes in the store if you are able to open the pack.

Denture crack repair. First examine your denture carefully to see if you are dealing with single crack. Read instructions before applying it. Often you may get very small package of glue and it will be barely enough. You also have to keep in mind you will get one good try at fixing it. Excess glue may result in discomfort and additional cost to you when you bring it to dental lab for proper repair. Dental laboratory technician will always remove glue before they repair your denture correctly and most dental laboratories will charge you for it.
Sometimes one quick fix is bad enough. You really do not want to be wearing denture that is not a perfect fit. Most important - do not ever apply denture reline kit if your denture does not feel right after quick fix application. Seek denturist or deliver your denture to dental lab for proper damage evaluation and repair.

Denture reline kit. If your denture no longer fits comfortably you can purchase over the counter denture reline kit. A certain amount of skill is required and may require several attempts before a successful reline is achieved. These relines in most cases are a soft material that is only designed for temporary use (one or two months), but after application you can send or deliver your denture to a dental lab for permanent relining with either soft or conventional hard denture acrylic. Very important detail to know. You will not be able to take away the excess material once dry.
If you decide to apply over the counter reline kit always have a back up plan to visit denturist in case you did not get it right. Long term use of an improperly repaired denture may cause serious problems. You should also keep in mind you may end up with rough repaired area.

You can contact us and we can send you denture reline kit.
Our dental laboratory provides hard denture reline procedure. After application you can mail your denture to us and we will replace soft material with hard denture acrylic.
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