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Duplicate dentures $199.
Denture repair starting at $39. 
If your denture is broken please read this page carefully to the bottom before deciding how you are going to approach your problem.

Lets see what options you have.

How to fix dentures - super glue.

Super Glue, or any other glue - is it the right choice? There are many websites where people advising others to use it.
These are random cases, where one is under impression he/she has done the right thing, because if feels the same after glue application. I am sure, you can imagine, it is unadvised by professionals. Also keep in mind: everyone, who was not successful with this at home procedure will never put "super glue" word and "denture repair" word in the same sentence again.  This is one of the reasons you do not see people posting their bad experience with this application.

It is not risk free. Super glue contains Cyanoacrylate. Every container with Cyanoacrylate states clearly: "Not suppose to be used in the mouth". You should also be aware that dental laboratory may find repairing this denture problematic if you have applied super glue on it. This is why: It dissolves in saliva and won't last long. It will also blur the edges of the fracture. This denture repair will at the end result in additional cost to you.

How to fix Dentures - Denture repair kit.

Prices of those kits are in between $4 and $40.
Denture repair kit, also know as "quick fix" can be purchased over the counter in most pharmacy stores.
The FDA approves the sale of a Denture Repair Kits, but this is only a temporary solution. First you need to know why or how your denture broke. Did you drop it, step on it, or did it happen while you were eating? Is it your oral complications that caused your dentures to break in the first place? In any of those cases whole damage may not be visible. One quick fix is bad enough. You really do not want to be wearing denture that is not a perfect fit. It will most likely result in further damage and possible health issues. Most important - do not ever apply denture reline kit if your denture does not feel right after quick fix application. Seek denturist or deliver your denture to dental lab for proper damage evaluation and repair.

Dental lab denture repair.

Is it expensive and why is it worth doing?
Dental repairs are usually inexpensive and can be done within few hours at your local dental laboratory. Minor repairs starts in the range of expensive denture repair kits. I do not imagine you would try to quick fix your denture when it ended up in more than two pieces. There are some factors that may increase this cost, and this brings me to my next argument.

One and very important question you should ask yourself:
What if?

What if your local dental laboratory is not providing such services without prescription from the dentist or the denturist.
What if it is not open when you arrive there? It is not uncommon, dental laboratories are closed during regular operation hours. Some local facilities will get 0 to 1 repairs a day.
What if your local denture laboratory will ask you to make an appointment before they can collect your denture?
What if your local dental lab is not providing same day repairs service?

Denture repair in the mail option.

Just try to imagine your denture cracked on Wednesday in afternoon hours. Using our 24 turn around system you can get it back repaired on Friday before noon.
Priority mail shipping is not very cheap, but taking under consideration our laboratory prices you will most likely end up paying less all together and get it back sooner.
To summarize all those possible outcomes it is simplest to just mail your denture from the nearest post office, and wait one day to get it back.

One last detail.

Last but not least: if your denture broke, you already know how inconvenient this is. Before you send out or deliver your denture to any dental lab check their prices on denture duplication - cloning. If your denture is recent and you are not expecting to be acquiring new one anytime soon, you should get duplicate made. You are already without your denture and it should be the last time. Be aware: high quality duplicate dentures may be as pricey as $500-600. It is best to contact desired dental lab before taking the trip. We are providing highest quality duplicate dentures at lowest cost nationwide. As low as $159 if you order it with your repair.

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