Broken Dentures with Broken Teeth can affect ones diet:

Those who have missing teeth can affect their health, since those without teeth often prefer easy chewable foods. Dentures are not as good as natural teeth when it comes to chewing different foods. This is one of the main reasons its always a good idea to repair your broken dentures as some broken dentures can still function but not optimally. If you have broken dentures, or a loose denture tooth you may be able to find a dentist who can repair dentures for you.

It is Rare for a dentist to repair dentures themselves:

Dentists primarily use their professional skills to keep your mouth healthy. While it is rare, there are only a handful of mail order denture repair business where a dentists repair dentures, while most may just inspect your broken dentures. Finding such a resource where a dentist actually repairs your dentures is invaluable, because a dentist who can repair dentures also knows how to make dentures. And if they know how to make dentures, they understand what is needed to repair dentures the right way, the first time. But in most cases, the dentists who inspects your broken dentures usually sends their new denture and denture repairs to a dental lab for this work to be completed.

How long will it take to get your denture tooth repaired?

When dealing with local dentures dentists, your denture repair can take up to a few weeks to get your denture repair. This is because your dentist will send your denture repair to a dental lab. Just having the denture repair in the mail, to and from its destination would take about a week. Your best solution to getting your denture repair is by using mail order denture repair services.

Often the cost for a denture repair through mail order is usually half the cost of that of using a local dentist. Another benefit is the time involved, as your denture repair can be back in your hands in a few days, not weeks with your local dentures dentist. When dealing with a mail order denture repair business always make sure there is a dentist who can inspect and repair your dentures. If the business offers a dentist who repairs dentures, this is perhaps the best of all solutions to getting your denture repaired the right way. Lastly, find out if you can about how the businesses ship your dentures back to you, and if they use additional packaging to secure your dentures for a safe journey back to your home.

Denture Glue.

Avoid using glues to fix your denture tooth:

Broken dentures that can still function usually may have a denture tooth missing or a broken denture tooth. Whatever you do, try not to glue back your denture tooth on your denture as you can damage your denture making your denture repair more expensive. Most glue is poisonous, and when dry will flake off into your mouth caused by the constant rubbing of food and saliva on the glue. In addition some glues chemically react differently with your pink denture gums where the glue can warp your dentures beyond a regular denture repair.

Home Denture Repair Kits come with Denture Teeth:

While there are some denture repair kits may not have the denture tooth you need, one must know that there are virtually hundreds of styles of denture teeth which may make it difficult to find the right denture tooth replacement for your denture repair solution. Denture teeth are either porcelain or acrylic, and each has a different application method when a denture repair is needed.
Porcelain Tooth Denture Repair
The Porcelain Denture Tooth:

The porcelain denture teeth have difficulty adhering to the pink denture acrylic, and with this known, the porcelain denture teeth have extra features to keep the denture teeth in place. The front (anterior) denture tooth is made with two small pins that extrude from the denture tooth. This acts as extra support for the denture teeth to absorb impact vibrations during chewing. The back (posterior) porcelain denture teeth have tiny vent holes, so when the denture tooth is placed onto the denture, the pink denture acrylic will flow into these holes creating a solid bond with the denture gums.

The denture tooth is available in different styles:

There are many different styles of denture teeth that could be used for a good denture repair. Denture teeth are made to be tall, skinny, short, or fat. They are also made so that the denture tooth may taper to a square end or a rounded end.

When the denture tooth is replaced during a denture repair, the denture tooth is closely matched against the different denture tooth features as described above. In addition, overtime, the denture teeth change color from natural ivory to a darker shade of ivory. During a denture repair, the denture tooth shade is closely matched against the existing denture teeth so the denture-repaired tooth will blend seamlessly along with the remaining set of denture teeth.
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